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Kalari Kovilakom

Ayurvedic Spa
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Ayurvedic Spa

Kalari Kovilakom


At a Glance

•    A heritage retreat in Palakkad district of Kerala offering Ayurveda therapies in tranquil surroundings of Annamalai hills
•    Situated in a small and peaceful town of Kollengode amidst green surroundings and coconut plantations
•    Majestic views of verdant landscape and Kerala countryside that beckons travelers from around the world
•     Resort offers air-conditioned rooms with poster beds, luxury bathroom fittings and traditional hand made furniture
•    Kalari promotes simple and holistic living and alcohol, meat and leather footwear are strictly prohibited in the premises   
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Kalari Kovilakom is a wellness retreat par excellence in the lush green environs of Kollengode, a quaint little town in Kerala countryside. Built in the 19th century, Kalari Kovilakom has been restored into an Ayurveda hospital offering holistic healing in the form of therapeutic massages and Yoga exercises tailor made to the guest’s requirements. Situated amidst silent foothills of Annamalai, the retreat offers luxury accommodation with air-conditioned rooms offering all modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. Kalari has been conceptualized to offer a unique healing experience to the visitors by connecting with the inner self and rejuvenate their body and mind with traditional Ayurveda therapies. The retreat follows disciplinary lifestyle and alcohol, meat and leather footwear are strictly prohibited in the premises. Kalari firmly believes that an individual’s food intake plays a prominent role in curing several ailments and therefore serves a balanced healthy diet suited to your body’s requirements. Vegetarian food is prepared in a pure Ayurvedic kitchen with minimum oil and farm fresh tropical veggies and pure spices are used freshly picked from its own kitchen garden. Wellness Spa comprises of ten massage rooms where expert masseurs and therapists work on your fatigued body and give it a new lease of life through a combination of massages and wellness therapies. Nature walks around Kalari give you an insight into God’s own country where nature has bestowed its blessings in abundance making it a truly exotic and remarkable experience.    
•    Well appointed AC  rooms with en-suite bathrooms
•    Vegetarian restaurant mainly serving traditional delicacies 
•    Round the clock security
•    Spacious lawns and gardens
•    Ayurveda therapies
•    Yoga and meditation sessions
•    Walks across the herb gardens and mango orchards to experience the rich bio diversity of the region.
•    Nature walks to the Annamalai foothills to get a glimpse of the flora and fauna of Kerala countryside. 
Coimbatore: 75 km
Kochi: 135 km



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