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Wilderness Resorts

If you are in search of unique wildlife encounters, nature’s finest creations, and want a Safari rich with wildlife and culture, then our wilderness resort / lodges is an opportunity for you to retreat from the tame and discover the treasure trove of wildlife.

Ayurvedic Spa

To escape from the mundane, hectic everyday exercise; tour with us ayurvedic spa and resorts that will lure you into their peaceful and quiet edifices. The serenity of the resorts and goodness of traditional ayurvedic therapies – the experience replicates a blissful journey.

Plantation Cottages

Come and lose yourself in the idyllic plantations, absorb the vibrant spirit of the evergreen lands and immerse yourself in the lap of nature so luxurious that it has drawn royalty, artists and dreamers for centuries. And allow these plantation cottages to serenade you, forever!

Handpicked Homestays

Our exclusive homestays allow you a warm soulful experience unlike anonymous travellers in a cold hotel stay. Your interaction with the host allows you know many inside information about the place and its people. Browse through our exclusively hand-picked hideaways that await your discovery.

Exclusive Camps

A relaxing escape and an exciting getaway await you at our exclusive camps! What we offer you is the most exclusive holiday, where you are wrapped in the flavours of nature, wild culture and a perfect harmony of animal and man.

Boutique Hotels

Are you looking to explore a new city, but would like to stay somewhere with a bit more charm and appeal? Browse our large range of boutique hotels, ranging from heritage properties to luxury lodges to private beach side hotels.

Ancestral Palaces

Experience the best traditions of heritage hospitality, creative abilities and artistic sensibilities of the kings at our ancestral palaces, which give you a chance to step back in time and experience the lifestyle of a bygone era.

Mountain Getaways

We understand that Rocky Mountains, whether they have snow- capped peaks or are covered in lush green grass, are the perfect backdrop for a true off-the-grid getaway. In an endeavour to take a city-slicker out of his comfort zone, we bring majestic mountain getaways.