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Southern Temples, Ponds & Poets



Visiting Varanasi is a transcendental experience that offers you a glimpse of Indian mysticism as you take a dip in the holy river Ganges on the Ghats (Banks) of Varanasi. The oldest city in the world takes pride in being host to great Indian saints and poets who have got their Nirvana on the Ghats of Ganges. Varanasi has intrigued and inspired historians and writers from around the world who come here to experience the divinity and bliss through religious rituals and ceremonies of Hindus. A heritage walk through the city of Varanasi brings alive the mystic charm of centuries old Indian culture which has been preserved by the residents of Varanasi in spite of onslaught of modernization. As you walk across the city you notice Hindu temples and holy ponds in every locality where devotees are lined up to offer prayers every day. Varanasi reminds you of ancient India where religious sentiments rule the hearts of its inhabitants who live a life of simplicity in their traditional homes. Upon reaching the southernmost embankment of Varanasi known as Assighat, you get to experience the last rites of the dead who are burnt on the Ghat and their remains are submerged in the Ganges to attain Nirvana. You also come across Tantriks (Occult Practitioners) who have made their homes on the Ghats and are busy performing Tantric rituals for the departed.

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