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Peacock Trail, Chennai



One of the preferred experiences by the westerners, Peacock Trail in is a heritage walk which takes you through Mylapore, one of the oldest areas in Chennai. Known for its tree-lined avenues and rich history, Mylapore lies a few kilometers to the south of Chennai. You get to experience the many facets of South Indian culture as you walk past the centuries old temples and churches. Our experienced guide for the trail will take you through the historic by lanes of the fascinating township of Mylapore which was home to a great inspirational poet Tiruvallavur. Referred to as the land of peacocks, Mylapore came into existence 2000 years ago and was an important trading port for silk, cotton, pearls, ivory, teak, sandalwood, spices and precious stones. The starting point of the trail is a visit to Kapaleeshwarar Temple, a 300 old year place of worship with numerous shrines and statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. There are many shops around the temple where you can shop for South Indian handicrafts and textiles. The stories from Hindu mythology come alive as you visit the city temples of Mylapore and watch the religious practices and rituals. The enthusiasm with which our guides narrate the stories makes the experience surreal and serves as a wonderful opportunity to get answers to many questions about Hindu mythology. The detailed explanation of the past and a touch of humor accentuate the overall mystic experience as the same story is told in many different ways.  

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