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Jewelery Trail, Chennai



Jewellery in India is not merely ornamental. It is an integral part of Indian attire and reflects the marital and economic status of Indian women who love being decked up with ethnic jewellery. Indian weddings are incomplete without gifting jewellery to the bride who takes pride in showcasing the jewellery collection which is an important asset of every household. On major religious occasions and festivals, gifting jewellery is considered auspicious and people from across the country come down to south Indian cities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala to buy gold and diamond jewellery which increases their net worth many fold. Investment in gold is still considered to be a safe bet by majority of Indian families. The South India Jewels Tourism takes you to the jewellery shops of Chennai and homes of the artisans where gems and ornaments are hand crafted traditionally since centuries to turn them into a piece of art. Our trail guide explains you the idea about South India jewellery in detail along with the craft of designing the while you watch the craftsmen working tirelessly to create magic with the jewels. Explore the many facets of jewellery making and take the India jewellery collection tour for your family and friends who will never forget you for these wonderful mementoes from South India. 

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