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Dancer’s Trail, Chennai



This experience offers you an insight into Indian classical dance forms of the South performed by expert dancers of Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Enjoy this part of South India cultural travel as the trail takes you through a journey of dance saga and you watch the fascinating Bharatnatyam performances which can be seen in most of the movies and are an integral part of Tamil cinema. The Indian classical music and high energy performances of the dancers will astound you and you cannot stop admiring the dance moves and skills of the trained musicians. The choreographer will be happy to teach you the elementary steps of popular classical dances of South India and help you to figure out the story being depicted by hand gestures. He will also explain you in detail the origin of the dance forms and tell you about the related controversial stories and their impact on the culture. Dances forms of South India are the most expressive way of telling a story and their pictorial representation can be seen in sculptures and temple walls all over the state.

 The dance institutes of Chennai are represented by some of the most talented actresses of Tamil cinema who frequent these institutions to learn the dance moves and share their experiences with the young students who want to excel in the field. Experience the thrill of figuring out the stories veiled by the subtlety of the dancer’s gestures and feel the pulse of the music as you become part of this breathtaking extravaganza.

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