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Mohabbat the Taj Show, Agra
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Aarti Ceremony on Holy River Ganges

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When it comes to our approach we're proud to say we're different to your average tour operator or travel agent. We offer something a little more special.


Plunge into a world of health and pleasure with Vasco’s Rejuvenation Tourism. Be it Yoga Travel Packages, Indian Ayurveda Tour, or other Rejuvenation Tour in India, rediscover yourself with your partner through this journey of happiness, purity and simplicity through our selected and unique list of healing places.


We believe that culture is three-dimensional – people, time and place – and we aim to bring all these dimensions together on one trip by visiting actual places where the events happened, walking in the footsteps and getting inside the minds of the people in order to go into the depth of the culture.


India has many offbeat tour & travel places for one to explore which are located away from the busy city life. These locations have something for everyone; ranging from nature trails, camping at scenic lakes, views of snow-capped mountains, learning about varied species of flora and fauna, wildlife adventures indulging in water sports, etc.


Since time immemorial, every dominant empire has left imprints of their heritage & culture which is represented through the cuisine of India from various parts, like South Indian Food, North Indian food, Rajasthani Cuisine, etc.


Getting to nature has never been so exciting and secure. Vasco unveils to you the Indian Wildlife tour like never before. Experience nature’s bounty in pleasant environs at Vasco’s offerings – be it misty mountains, tiger safari natural habitat adventures, beautiful forests, mesmerising valleys or enchanting beaches.


Spend weekend gateways and short breaks with holiday trips with us. Travel on the holiday packages in North India. Snow covered peaks of Northern India, distinctive Northeast, mist-laden mountains and breathtaking cascades of Western Ghats, palatial destinations like Rajasthan and Mysore, backwaters of Kerala, Goa’s fun-filled beaches and the list goes on.

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When it comes to our approach we're proud to say we're different to your average tour operator or travel agent. We offer something a little more special.

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Bhutan The Dragon Kingdom

Bhutan, The hidden jewel tucked away in the verdant valleys and hills of the Himalayas is said to be ''The Las Shangri-La''.

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Wonders of Sri Lanka

The magnificent island country of Sri Lanka is blessed with diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage which makes it a popular destination for vis...

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Best of India & Nepal

This package is a superb blend of colourful, vibrant India and the exotic mysterious former kingdom of Nepal offering you an exciting opportunity to explore the treasures and li...

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Finally we come back to our country after living those amazing experiences in your beautiful land. This achievement could not have happened without your support and your team. We want to tell you, how much we appreciate the support and the professionalism that you and your team have given to us. Every detail, every activity, every hotel, everything was exactly the same as the expectations that we have since Colombia. We are very pleased to tell you that we felt well served and comfortable with the services of Vasco Travel. Please, give our best regards to your father and we send you a big hug from Colombia.
Julio Cesar Velasquez Tovar - April 2016
The trip was far beyond his expectations, the organization really excellent and friendly. He is advising now his friends and colleagues about that.
Massimo Evangalista – Travel Revolution Milan. (April 2009)
Dear Sir, Just wanted to thank you for organizing such a wonderful tour for me and my friend.
Manisha Madhavan – Toronto (August 2009)
Si Ringrazia Vasco Travel per La Professionalita e l’organizzazione del nostro tour. Siamo rimasti veramente contenti per le guide capaci e preparate.
Mr Massimiliano Morandini - (April 2009)

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While many small businesses have passed their ownership from generation to generation, it is rare to find a tour operator that has done so.
Vasco Travel is proud to be known as a family-run travel company in the Indian inbound tourism market. Started its journey in 1990, the company today is in the hands of the third generation.